Our rooms

Our spaces are designed for a quiet and comfortable stay, whether you want to spend it with friends, family, as a couple or alone, in total relaxation.

All rooms are available as double, or double for use as single, as well as triple and quadruple, and are divided into two types: Comfort and Third Floor rooms.

At your disposal, you will have:
 Hairdryer, Telephone, TV, Safe, Balcony, and Air conditioning on request.

Comfort rooms

The name says it: they are very comfortable ☺

All of our Comfort rooms are spacious and lively, feature balconies for you to sip a drink in the evening, read a good book or stargaze, since stars here at the Riviera are really bright.

On request, our Comfort rooms can be fitted with amenities for families, such as cribs, beds with side rails and bottle warmers.

Third-Floor Rooms

Our third floor is very special. Rooms are colorful and renovated, very intimate and charming. They are quiet and comfortable, carved out of attic space and with a minimum height of 1.80 meters. They are the quietest of the hotel and have large balconies. To access them, you have to slightly lower your head ☺

Our guests like them a lot because they give off a sense of welcome and tranquility.

Given their position, bathrooms are smaller than those featured in our Comfort rooms, and do not feature shower stalls. Do not worry, however, you can still shower! For this reason, we offer them at slightly lower prices.

But, stars are better seen from up here ;)